Monday, March 28, 2016

Making Quality Decisions

We make an abundance of decisions throughout the day, big and small.  All too often we are pressured to make decisions based on what we see or hear rather than what we know as truth.  If you know where to find truth, then you have a solid foundation to make every decision.  The Word of God is truth and a solid foundation to base daily decisions.  You may not find your specific situation in the Bible, but you will find guidance through the Holy Spirit.  So, will the Holy Spirit guide us in every decision?  Of course He will - big and small! Jesus said the Holy Spirit guides us into ALL truth.  You can easily rest in a decision when you have an inward certainty. 

When you make your daily decisions based on the Word of God or by following the leading of the Holy Spirit, you are making decisions on a solid foundation.  A solid foundation can take an abundance of pressure and not crack or split or break down.  Jesus said everyone who hears His words and acts upon them (makes decisions by them) is like a sensible, prudent, practical, wise person who built his house upon the rock.  Decisions that are made according to the Word of God can stand tests of endurance.  The winds may blow and beat against the decision, but it will not fall because it is based on the truth of the Word of God.  Every decision you make based on the truth of God can stand persecution, rocks thrown at it, boulders pressing down on it, tornado winds blowing on it, hurricane waves beating against it...whatever!  After all has been said and done, that decision will prove itself strong, sure, and exact.  Why? Because it was made based on the Word of God or the leading of the Holy Spirit.  That is why it is so important to let decisions that are based on the Word of God run their course.  If you have made a decision based on the Word of God, let it run its course.  That decision is right now in motion to bring about change.  So, let patience have her perfect work and rest in the decision you have made.  Making quality decisions is simply making decisions according to the Word of God or the leading of the Holy Spirit. 

On the other hand, Jesus taught that it is dangerous to base your decisions according to what logic says because logic is not truth.  Anything other than truth is considered foolish and unwise (Matthew 7:26-27).  The rain, floods, and winds will come to test the decision.  If you are in the habit of making decisions based on your senses, then those decisions may prove to be foolish in the end.  We have all made foolish decisions.  Remember, God's mercies are new every morning.   As you start your day, look to the Lord to help you make the right decisions that can endure for His glory and stand the test of time.

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